meteorbytes data management corp.

What does MeteorBytes do?

We work with your Investor Relations, Marketing and Sales Team to help you communicate with investors and customers electronically.

Our goal is to make you look good - and to help increase your shareholder value and customer satisfaction.

What is an email campaign and how much does it cost to send one?

Read a brief description of an email campaign from start to finish. See our pricing structure here.

Bill C-28 is here!

Canada's answer to Can-Spam passed into law December 15, 2010. This is serious stuff. No more half-hearted opt-out list management. The era of permission-based marketing is here to stay! Read more about this new law - and how it will affect your marketing program - here.

Contact Us

We work hard to be available anytime you should have a question. Please see our contact page for details.