meteorbytes data management corp.

Who We Are

We are a boutique firm offering high-touch, full-service email marketing solutions to organizations who believe in the importance of keeping stakeholders and investors informed.


Linda Irvine

LR Peters, CEO

Linda began the way so many entrepreneurs do - running a lemonade stand in the neighborhood. From there, she further developed her ambitions of "learning everything there is to know" while studying English Lit. at SFU. She was later discovered by Dr. Basil Peters who had been hatching plans of a full-service, high-tech email marketing service for several years. He was delighted to find someone of equal obsessive capacity. With Basil's invaluable assistance, MeteorBytes was born in April of 2005. Linda is now discovering just how fascinating and rapidly evolving the email marketing business really is, and spends many passionate hours expounding at great length to anyone willing to listen. Just ask about "Deliverability" if you really want to know...


Basil Peters

Basil Peters, Advisor

Basil is an active, early-stage investor and currently manages manages the angel fund: As part of his goal of 'putting something back', he works on a blog propagating best practices for angel investors and entrepreneurs at He is also a regular contributor to

He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from UBC and has been a CEO here and in Silicon Valley.

Basil is currently the Chairman of Backbone Systems. You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about him at Basil Peter's personal website.